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Welcome to Manistee Area Public Schools (MAPS) – Home of the Manistee Chippewas. Each and every day, the students, staff and families aim to be leaders in our school and community. By making positive choices, striving toward personal goals, and supporting each other, we can all make a difference in the world around us.

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COVID Precaution Update 8/12/21

August 12, 2021

Dear MAPS Families & Staff;

As the first day of school is quickly approaching, decisions are being made to guide a safe and productive school year.  First and foremost, we have a responsibility to provide for the safety and welfare of our students and staff during school, transporting to and from school, and during school sponsored activities. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have consistently followed the guidance and recommendations of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service and our local District #10 Health Department.  We have been in regular communication with Dr. Jennifer Morse, Medical Director for DHD #10 to determine the best course of action for protecting our students and staff.  Currently, MDHHS & DHD#10 are using CDC and local data to report transmission rates and are assigning threat levels based upon this information.  As of today, both Manistee and Mason counties are rated “Substantial” for transmission rates and therefore the recommendation for the safest possible course of action is to wear masks in all public indoor spaces.

At the Board of Education regular meeting on Wednesday evening, the following guidelines were determined to guide us as we begin the school year.  These guidelines will be in effect beginning Monday, August 16. Please understand that conditions may change, which could impact these plans. 

  • Our goal is to maintain in-person instruction for all students, as the experience of face-to-face instruction provides the best possible learning environment for our students to thrive. For any students or families with health concerns that would be negatively impacted by in-person learning, please reach out to your building principal regarding potential resources.
  • Masks will be required on school buses as per federal requirements.
  • Masks will be properly worn by all individuals in all indoor spaces following Health Department recommendations. A sufficient supply of masks will be provided in each school building allowing for mask changes as needed.
  • Cohorting and physical distancing efforts will be practiced where applicable, based upon activity.
  • Vaccinations will be promoted for those eligible.
  • Regular hygiene practices will be promoted; hand sanitizer will be readily available in all buildings.
  • Contact tracing, outreach to close contacts, reporting of cases, and quarantining guidelines will be practiced as outlined by DHD#10.
  • Ventilation standards have been met in all school buildings.
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols will be followed.
  • Voluntary onsite COVID testing will be administered as conditions necessitate. Weekly antigen screening tests remain a tool used in our athletics program to give the coaches the information needed to proceed safely. Families are given the opportunity to opt-out.

From the input we have received, it seems we share a common goal with our staff and families in wanting to return to our routine model of in-person learning and in preserving our student’s ability to participate in athletics and other essential extracurricular activities.  Although the decision regarding mask wearing was difficult, we believe that we have outlined the best possible scenario for our students and staff to begin the school year with the flexibility needed to safely provide in-person learning with the least possible disruption.  It is our hope that we will be able to adapt these guidelines as we move through the school year.

We will continue our regular communication with the District #10 Health Department to ensure we are following guidelines to provide the safest possible learning environments based upon current conditions.  The Board will meet if a change in local status occurs to discuss future guidelines and you will be readily notified of any changes.

We are looking forward to the beginning of our school year and welcoming back our students and staff.  Please know we are making every effort to ensure a safe, productive, and fun learning environment for all.  Watch your email and our website: www.chipslead.org for additional updates.


Ron Stoneman, Superintendent

Manistee Area Public School



In an effort to keep our MAPS community informed, below we are providing notification regarding any COVID-19 concerns related to our District.


Health Precautions

Manistee Area Public Schools, in an effort to stay informed about the current state of concern regarding the coronavirus, COVID-19, is working with local, state, a federal officials.  The links below provide the latest information from the State of Michigan and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with preventative measures that we can all take to stay healthy.


School Day Start/End Times & Academic Dates

Below are the start and end times for the in-person learning schedule for each building and important academic dates.

Jefferson & Kennedy:  8:40am (Breakfast in Classrooms)
MMHS: 8:35am (Breakfast in Classrooms)

Jefferson & Kennedy:  8:50am 
MMHS: 8:45am 

Jefferson & Kennedy:  2:50pm 
MMHS: 2:40pm 

Jefferson & Kennedy:  7:40am (Breakfast in Classrooms)
MMHS: 7:35am (Breakfast in Classrooms)

Jefferson & Kennedy:  7:50am
MMHS: 7:45am

Jefferson & Kennedy:  2:50pm
MMHS: 2:40pm 

Jefferson & Kennedy:  7:40am (Breakfast in Classrooms)
MMHS: 7:35am (Breakfast in Classrooms)

Jefferson & Kennedy:  7:50am
MMHS: 7:45am

Jefferson & Kennedy:  11:20am
MMHS: 11:15am 

October 29 – 1st marking period ends
November 1 – 2nd marking period begins
January 14 – 1st semester ends
January 18 – 3rd marking period/2nd semester starts
March 24 – 3rd marking period ends
April 4 – 4th marking period starts
June 3 – 2nd semester ends, last day of school

Late Start Monday Morning Care

Each Monday morning, the MAPS educational community engages in the critical work of professional development at each school. This means schools starts on Mondays later than a typical school day. In order to assist families who may need student care on Monday mornings, we have developed the following options:
K-5th Graders
To address any Monday morning childcare needs, MAPS will be piloting Monday morning childcare from 7:00 am until 8:20 am at Madison Community Learning Center for Kindergarten through 5th grade students.
Please let us know if you are interested in receiving more information about Monday Morning Care by completing this form: Pre-Registration Form:


6 – 12 Graders

6 through 12  grade students can be dropped off at the Armory at 7:30 am on late start Mondays, and MAPS will provide bus transportation to MMHS.  We greatly appreciate the Armory Youth Project for providing this convenience.

While at the Armory Youth Project, students will first check in and can then spend their time catching up on homework, grab a snack, or use the facilities for games and activities.

The Armory Youth Project follows MAPS District guidelines with regard to COVID19.

If interested in dropping off your student at the Armory for late start Mondays, please fill out the form below to register and click submit. All participants must also have an updated (after June 2021) Youth Registration and Waiver Form on file.


Food Service Program

2021/22 School Year

MAPS will following the USDA National School Lunch Seamless Summer Option, which allows us to offer all students free breakfast and lunch for the entire school year..

Our Grab & Go program has been changed under the USDA Seamless Summer Option, as of the first day of school (Aug. 31st) This means:

  • All students attending school, within our buildings, who are offered meals at school CANNOT have families pick up meals through the Grab & Go line. Those students will all be fed at school.  Any student following required quarantine protocols can use the Grab & Go service.
  • If students are virtual learners, home schoolers, or any other children within the Manistee community not attending school they are still eligible to participate in the Grab & Go program.
  • We will offer pick up of a 5-day breakfast & lunch pack on Mondays between 9am-10am at MMHS in the drop-off lane.
  • Grab & Go meals are no longer able to be offered for weekends or holidays. They can only be provided for those days that school is in session.
  • Accountability is required, student names will be recorded when families are picking up Grab & Go meals to verify those students are not in attendance at our buildings.
  • If a holiday, snow day or school day scheduled to be off occurs on a Monday, the meal pick up will be Tuesday.

We ask that all families complete the free/reduced applications for this school year even though we are feeding all children for free, link below.  This will allow for student meal accounting for the program. This information will be used by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services for future PEBT distributions and to account for student benefits for the 22/23 school year.  Student benefits will follow them for the first 30 days of the next school year (22/23), to allow families time to complete another free/reduced application without loss of benefits.

Student Nutrition Program Application


District Announcements


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Middle School Scholastic Book Fair Dec 6-17

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As Manistee Chippewas, we are all leaders in our own way. Chips Lead at school, with friends, and in the community by developing healthy relationships, using responsible decision-making and respectful communication.

Chips able to be relied upon as honest and dependable

Chips are able to express courtesy to opinions and beliefs

Chips are able to welcome diversity without judgment

Chips are able to work jointly towards common goals

Chips are of good nature, helpful, and appreciative

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Manistee Area Public Schools is a leader in regional educational and cultural opportunity, addressing its diverse community of learners by providing specialized educators, leading-edge technology, adaptive facilities, and unwavering dedication to student-centered success.


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