Kennedy Elementary wants to start a LEGO Robotics program.  We have applied for a grant to cover the costs, but we still need a couple of coaches/leaders.  If you are interested in being a coach or volunteer, please contact Mr. Schmutzler at or 231-723-3271.  

Do coaches/mentors need to have a technical background?  Coaching a FIRST LEGO League team requires no technical background or experience.. The FIRST LEGO League Coach Handbook, available on the FIRST HQ site, is a great resource which provides a foundation of knowledge and ideas designed to assist mentors in all aspects of the program.

What is the time commitment?
Teams will need to arrive at their own optimum time commitment, but generally teams meet 1 to 2 times per week for 1-2 hours per session. Additional meetings are usually planned as competition time approaches. Many mentors report that the “push” to meet more comes from the team members!

For details on the program, visit