Last night we finished a wonderful Science Olympiad season. This is such a great group of students that have studied and worked so hard. As coaches, we have seen over the years how influential the Science Olympiad experience can be for students as they go deeper into subjects then where their classes take them and many times it has lead to career choices. Hopefully it did this for all of the kids. Bridget and I sure enjoyed working with them and they inspire us! The future is going to be better with these young people.

I have to admit to getting sentimental as our seniors carried our banner across the stage tonight. We are going to miss you Spencer Linke, Kiera Raymond, Heather Antal, Mia Briske, Nicole Weaver, and Katie Huber. You all have added so much in your own way to building our team and making it so successful. We look forward to following you as you continue on your life’s path and we are thankful to have traveled a bit of it with you. You make us proud and know that we care about you.

Overall, we placed 30th out of all divisions. While we celebrate the competitive success of the team, it is the journey that is most important. Work, frustration, perseverance, tinkering, and collaboration lead are the important achievements that don’t make the scoreboard but were achieved by all.

Our top finishes were:

  • 1st Herpetology: Eleanor Scarlata and Kiera Raymond
  • 3rd Write It/Do It: Nicole Weaver and Kiera Raymond
  • 9th Proteins: Mason Schaubroeck, Brynn O’Donnell, and Roger Lind
  • 12th Mission Possible: Titus Lind and Solana Postma
  • 14th Water Quality: Solana Postma and Eleanor Scarlata
  • 15th Thermodynamics: Brynn O’Donnell and Katie Huber
  • 17th Anatomy and Physiology: Maddie Verheek and Eleanor Scarlata