From February 20-23, MHS Youth In Government Students, along with over 750 other Michigan high school students, experienced a tremendous YIG Mock Government YMCA Conference in Lansing. MMHS Teacher & YIG Advisory, Stacey Andrews-Ramsey, was pleased to report the outcome of the activities as follows:

* Senior Ryan Biller was elected to be Speaker of the House.
* Senior Grace Danison and Junior Lily Sagala were in the House of Representatives.
* Freshman Anna Herberger was the Senate Reading Clerk.
* Brandon Sullivan participated in the Debate, National Issues Forum Program and in the  Legislative Oversight Hearing as the Hospital Expert on the topic of Human Trafficking.

During the Sunday Awards Presentation, Manistee Students were rewarded for their efforts:

* Grace Danison and Ryan Biller’s Bill to ensure planning time in all schools was passed into  law through a veto override. It was the ONLY bill passed by a veto override.
* Grace and Ryan were also presented with “YIG Cords” for their work.
* Ryan Biller was selected as one of the 14 Delegates to the National Conference in June
-AND- was selected as the 2020 Early Conference “Brent Vaysey Outstanding Statesman” –  the HIGHEST AWARD PRESENTED TO A STUDENT. The award is given to a delegate who  embodies servant leadership, possesses extemporaneous speaking skills and  demonstrates the YMCA core values.

Ms. Andrews-Ramsey reported that our YIG students wore their T-shirts and credentials on Monday and suggested that, as anyone passes by our YIG students, to be sure to congratulate them and ask them about their conference! She also expressed appreciation to all who were instrumental in giving the YIG students the tools to be successful and for the opportunity for them to participate in the YIG program.