We hope this finds you safe and staying active!
As of Monday, April 20, distance learning will begin at MAPS – here's how second semester grades will work.
Any work towards the third marking period must be turned in to teachers by May 1;  after that the grade will stand.  Starting Monday, April 20, distance learning will begin for the fourth marking period; this marking period will be recorded as either Credit or No Credit based on the level of student engagement in the work.  A No Credit can affect a current third marking period grade in a negative way.  On the other hand, a high level of engagement of Credit may help a grade, including helping to gain credit for a student that was borderline passing.
It's important for students to stay engaged during the next seven weeks, not only to receive a Cr for grades, but more importantly to stay intellectually active.  When we return to school next fall we want our students ready to begin the 2020-21 school year.
Stay healthy and we will see you soon!