We’re still publishing the 2019-2020 high school yearbook despite the school closure. You can still order online by clicking here. 2019-2020 high school yearbooks will be shipped directly to you at no additional cost if you order by June 5th. This has never been possible before, but our publisher (Tree Ring) has made special arrangements due to COVID-19.
What does this mean for you?
  1. You will not have to pick up your student’s yearbook at MMHS in September when we normally distribute them.
  2. When you order online you will be asked to provide a shipping address. When the yearbook is published (after June 5th), you will receive your yearbook in the mail from Tree Ring in mid-July (weeks earlier than usual)!
  3. The price of our yearbook has not changed. You may notice a shipping cost included as part of your total—PLEASE UNDERSTAND: you are not being charged for shipping. Our yearbook program is absorbing all additional shipping costs.
  4. Anyone who previously ordered a yearbook earlier in the school year (online or offline), will ALSO have that yearbook shipped home at no additional cost! You can verify or update your mailing address for a previous order with Ms. Starmann (hstarmann@manistee.org), or log in to Tree Ring to verify and update the information yourself using these instructions.

If you are unable to order online, or need assistance, please contact Ms. Starmann at hstarmann@manistee.orgClick here for more details.