The MHSAA has a new physical form and here are the details:

If you have a valid physical on file for the 2019-20 school year (completed on or after April 15, 2019), that will be valid if you are able to answer “No” to each of the 14 questions on the front of the form.
The link to the new Health Questionnaire HERE. If all answers are NO, return the signed form to us with the NO answers and we will mark your physical valid for next year.

– If you did not have a physical on file for 2019-20, you will need one for next year.
– If you answered YES to any of the 14 questions, you will need a new physical.
– If you answered NO to all of the questions, you may still go get a new physical if you choose.

The hospital usually hosts sports physicals in the spring/summer. Unfortunately, this service will not be available this year. Dr. offices and clinics have said it will be difficult to see all athletes prior to the start of fall sports, so if you need a physical, please schedule it ASAP.