We will be using an online purchase platform for spectators.
It will be up on this website michianatiming.com/registration
–Spectators can buy online ($6/person or $10/car) until 9:00 pm the night before the race.
People register/pay, then they recieve an email that they print and display on their windshield/dash as a pass as they enter our parking lot. We’ll just waive them in if it’s displayed.
–If it’s not displayed, we will also have a master list printed so we can check the list if they forgot, lost the pass, forgot to print it, was in their spam folder, etc.
If they don’t do this, they can put $6/$10 into the bucket as they pull in the parking lot, but no change will be given.
–Remember that masks are required, stay 6′ apart, & no spectators near the start/finish line.