Hi everyone! With more students returning to face to face learning, our
before and after school traffic has seen an uptick in the last several
weeks. Here are a few reminders to help our traffic flow smoothly and
safely for students:

Drop off before school:

– Please pull ahead! There is usually plenty of space past the main
entry; in the end it’s the same distance and quicker to drop a student off
just beyond the main area.
– Pull around after drop off. The outer drive has three lanes, plenty
of room to pull around other vehicles.

Pick up after school:

– Consider waiting a few minutes past our dismissal times for after
school pick up. The bulk of traffic is dissipated and busses have departed
after only about 5 minutes. (M-Th 2:20pm, F 11:55am)
– Please DO NOT wait for students on 12th street heading west. This
makes it difficult for vehicles turning left, to exit our lot turn, sets up
passing, and means students are crossing a street to get in a vehicle. The
safest place to line up on 12th street waiting to enter the building drive
is facing east west of our entry.

Thanks for your patience and polite driving; our mornings and afternoon
exchanges have never been better!