The 2020-2021 MIDDLE SCHOOL yearbook will be printed and mailed home to MS students in mid-July this year due to COVID and shipping delays. The MS book will be mailed from MMHS via USPS to the address on file at MMHS for all student purchasers unless you request a specific change. Email with any changes. You can still order a MS yearbook online at through July 1st. MS yearbooks will be mailed home at no cost to students.

The 2020-2021 HIGH SCHOOL yearbook will be distributed to students at MMHS in September 2021. HS yearbooks can be purchased online at through June 11th. After June 11th you can still order a yearbook online, but you will be asked to pay for shipping as you order and the book will be shipped directly to your home instead of MMHS. HS yearbooks purchased by the CLASS OF 2021, will be available for pick up in the MMHS office in September 2021, or mailed home in September 2021 (by request only). Email requests to