Hello Jefferson families-

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning!

KG SPECIAL WELCOME: 8:30-9:00am at west end of Bryant St. (Tuesday only.)

To help with any busy traffic in the morning drop-off areas:

more Jefferson staff are helping in the drop off lane

staff will open the vehicle door to help exit children safely (rear
passenger side)

please stay with your child in the vehicle until Jefferson drop off
starts at 7:50am

plan to bring classroom supplies (tissues, snacks, etc) later in the


Call the office at 723-9285 for pick-up changes before 1:30pm (do not
SeeSaw teacher about end of day pick-up/bus please.)

thank you for being patient; children are still learning the routines
and it takes longer for the first few days

Thank you for helping our teachers focus on kids and safety as we start a
great school year together.

-Ms. Raddatz

P.S. ATP is our “Action Team Partnership” for parents, staff, and great
events for Pre-K -5th graders. Jump on the ATP Zoom Meeting WEDS, AUG 31st
at 5:30pm.


Meeting ID: 433 096 5330

Passcode: 4wbH8P