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Welcome to Manistee Middle/High School!

By making positive choices, striving toward personal goals, and supporting each other, we all make a difference in the world around us. We inspire each other to dream more, learn more and do more.

We are equipped with the knowledge and values necessary to become productive and successful citizens of our world. With respect, dedication, and integrity, we work as a community to reach our highest potential.

Chips Lead!

Our school community was touched by the sudden loss of a student from MMHS. Our staff and students are deeply saddened, and our thoughts and sympathies are with the family.  This loss is sure to raise many emotions, concerns, and questions, especially for our students.

For this reason, we are providing Crisis Support made up of professionals trained to help with the needs of students, parents, and school personnel at difficult times such as this.  At our schools, we have counselors available for any student who may need or want help or any type of assistance surrounding this loss.  We encourage you, as parents, to also feel free to use our resources as well. For assistance, please view the Helping Children Cope with Loss, Death, and Grief, attached below.

Manistee Area Public Schools is committed to providing an environment for our school community to properly cope with this loss. Please do not hesitate to contact the Superintendent’s offices at (231) 723-3521 with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

MMHS Announcements

Parent Notification from Manistee City Police

Today an MMHS student reported seeing an unidentified adult was present in the vicinity of the school around 7:00 AM that made the student uncomfortable.  Manistee City Police are involved with investigating the incident and expect increased patrolling in the area. ...

read more

Your MMHS Team

Location: 525 Twelfth Street, Manistee, MI 49660 | Map
Telephone: 231-723-2547
Fax: 231-398-9277
School Office Hours: M-F: 7:30am – 4pm

Administrative Team

Principal: Andy Huber –    

Assistant Principal: Jason Traviss –

Secretary: Denise Slonecki –

Guidance Counselor: Paul Howes –

Guidance Secretary: Penny Kiss –

View MMHS Staff
MMHS Staff    
 Name  Title / Grade / Content Area  Email
  Administrative Staff  
 Andy Huber  HS/MS Principal
 Jason Traviss  HS/MS Assistant Principal
 Denise Slonecki  Administrative Assistant
 Paul Howes  Guidance Counselor
 Penny Kiss  Guidance Secretary
 Todd Garber  Student Recovery Classroom
 Karen Sundbeck  Student Recovery Classroom
 Kelsey Rhodes  MCAN College Adviser / Credit Recovery Coordinator
 Matt Kieffer  Athletic Director
 Beth Forbes  Activities Secretary
   District Technology  
 Kenneth Blakey-Shell  District Technology Director
 Gabe Delgado  Elementary Device Support
Matt Froncek  Apple Certified Technician
David Gagstetter  Data & Device Systems
Sonya Broadbent
   MMHS School Instructional Staff  
 Stacey Andrews-Ramsey Spanish / Social Science
 Gregg Bennett Social Science
 Dan Burns  Language Arts
 Troy Bytwork  Social Science
 Amanda Clemons  English
 Amanda Feyen  Choir
 Joe Hendges  Social Science
 Marcy Huber  Math
 Kristen Johnson  Special Education
 Sam Joseph  Language Arts
 Connie Josvai  Language Arts
 Monte Klein  Art
 Brooke Koller  Special Education
 Michelle LaPrad  Science
 Andrea Mack  Instrumental Music
 Chelsea Matley  PE/Health
 Cassie Miller  PE/Health
 Troy Nezki  Math
 Morgan Nowicki  Language Arts
 Ryan O'Donnell  Science
 Wendy Orton  Family & Consumer Science, Special Education
 Matt Phillips  Science
 Kevin Postma  Science
 Dan Saylor  Social Science
 Polly Schlaff  Spanish / ELA
 Joel Smith  Social Studies
 Kathy Smith  Math
 Hannah Starmann  Language Arts
 Michael Swanson  Math
 Eric Thuemmel  Math
 Michael Tilmann II  PE/Health
 Brian Veine  Video/Math
 Bridget Warnke  Science
 Amy Watkins  Math
 Sara Workman  Special Education
 Nicholas Zacek  Language Arts
Devin Schweigert Lt Sub 7th Grade Science
Ingrid Bond  Band Paraprofessional
 Nina Bromley  Paraprofessional
Kristen Mezeske One to One Paraprofessional
Cindy Sheathelm One to One Paraprofessional
Sarah Wallett One to One Paraprofessional
 Jennifer Williams  MS Activities Director
 MMHS School Custodial
Don Froncek Custodian
Dan Lloyd  Head / Day Custodian
James Kropacek  Evening Custodian
Mark Thrailkill  Evening Custodian
Nutrition Service
 Keri Carlson Nutrition Service Director
Stacy Applegarth Nutrition Service
Melissa Gutkowski Nutrition Service
 Kendra Mikolajczak Nutrition Service
Melissa Thomas Nutrition Service
Ray Summers Nutrition Service
 Linda Wandrych Nutrition Service
Don Olk
Jeff Bowerman
  Paine Aquatic Center  
Corey VanFleet

Your Chippewa Journey Continues at MMHS

Our goal at Manistee Middle/High School is to provide the utmost in educational opportunities for our students – utilizing both our state-of-the-art facilities and outstanding staff. Whether leading a host of challenging classes or providing support systems to meet the needs of every student, we strive to do it the Chippewa way – the right way – every day. We look forward to another great year of traditions in academic excellence and exciting activities!  Our commitment to exceeding expectations continues to make Manistee Area Public Schools the district of choice.

Chips Lead!

As Manistee Chippewas, we are all leaders in our own way. Chips Lead at school, with friends, and in the community by developing healthy relationships, using responsible decision-making and respectful communication.

T | TRUSTWORTHY — Chips are reliable, honest, and dependable

R | RESPECTFUL — Chips are considerate of the beliefs and opinions of others

A | ACCEPTING — Chips welcome diversity without judgment

C | COOPERATIVE — Chips work together towards common goals

K | KIND — Chips are thoughtful, helpful, and appreciative

“TRACK” is the Manistee Area Public Schools global, district-wide, leaders platform that all educators, staff and students follow throughout their Chippewa Journey.  This initiative is connected to course curriculum,  extra curricular programs,  disciplinary procedures, and internal culture.

Academic Opportunities
  • One-to-One Device District
  • Designated Apple School
  • National Honor Society
  • Honors & Advanced Placement Courses
  • Tutoring
  • Community Job Shadowing & Mentorships
  • WSCC Career Training Opportunities
  • Advanced Placement Classes
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Forensics
  • Science Olympiad
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Adventure Learning – Overnight Field Trips
  • Personal Challenge Program
  • Peer Listening/Mentoring
  • Math Counts Competition
Extracurricular Activities
  • JV & Varsity Sports
  • Choir
  • Marching Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Gender & Sexuality Alliance
  • Theater Productions
  • Dance
  • Powerlifting
  • School Dances
  • Homecoming
  • Winter White Out
  • Youth in Government
  • Cheerleading
  • Swimming Pool
  • Foreign Language Clubs & Trips
  • Social Clubs
Parent Involvement

Become a partner in your student’s education!

The first place you’ll notice our commitment to excellence is right here on our outstanding web page. Please review our MMHS Resources page for tools to support you as a partner in your student’s education. You will also want to make sure you have set up an account for PowerSchool.  This interactive tool lets you see what and how your student is doing in every single class, and is a quick and easy way to communicate with all teachers. For graduation requirements, academic information, building and athletic policies and more visit our MMHS Handbook page to review Student Handbook. Information.

For a look at our seasonal sports schedule, click on the Activities tab on the top.  Also, make sure you refer to our Announcements tab at the top of the page.

We would also like to remind both students and parents of our student email accounts.  You can expect the office and other MHS groups to increasingly send information using these accounts. Students may check their accounts utilizing the school network, clicking on the link on the MMHS Resources page.

Finally, be sure to check out one of our favorites – our Featured Alumni link located in the Alumni tab above.  Here you’ll see stories of past students who help to generate our Chippewa Pride every day. We continue to be proud of the great things our students achieve beyond MHS.  If you know of an alumni who should have his or her story told, please e-mail us at or