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MAPS 2020 Vision

Manistee Area Public Schools seeks to create secure and efficient 21st century learning facilities supportive of our mission to provide an inclusive, high-quality, diverse educational environment that inspires and fulfills the goals of all learners at every stage of their journey.

A mission which includes community-wide commitment to provide a stable educational foundation, designed to support the needs of our students, families, businesses, and community for generations to come.

Chips Lead!

Overview of MAPS 2020 Vision by Building

In spring 2019, MAPS presented three potential plans to the community and used the feedback received to refine a plan that we believe speaks to the focus of our stakeholders. We have also worked hard over the last several years with our administration and staff to establish guiding principles and define priorities for addressing the emerging needs of our students, all with the goal of building a solid educational foundation for the Manistee Community. The facilities plan chosen addresses this goal by creating efficient and supportive learning environments to create improved standards and meet the needs of our students for many years to come.

In a plan presented September 5, 2019, Manistee Area Public Schools outlined a vision for their facilities future. Learn about the proposed plans by building below.


SCOPE OF WORK: Renovate and Expand Current Kennedy Elementary

  • Demolish 1927 Building
  • Secure visitor entry and check-in
  • Safe and secure academic wings
  • Dedicated bus and parent pick-up/drop-off areas
  • Building designed to meet modern educational standards
  • Consolidated Pre-K to 5 Elementary
  • Updated pick-up and drop-off routes


SCOPE OF WORK: Safety Improvements, priority renovations, and Middle School dedicated gym

  • Safe and secure access points to academic wings
  • Upgraded interior doors and hardware
  • Middle School gym with dedicated locker rooms
  • Exterior accessible storage for community track
  • Inclusion of priority items in the 1-3 year facilities assessment


The plan for MMHS includes many items that are all part of the capital update schedule to be completed in the near future.


  • Secure entry vestibule
  • Drop-off/pick-up reconfiguration
  • New carpeting
  • Interior finishes
  • Exterior building caulking/sealing


SCOPE OF WORK: Community Learning Center & Administrative Offices

The Madison Community Learning Center has been reimagined as resource hub offering practical resources and innovative programs to meet the educational, health, social, and behavioral needs of students throughout our community. Current Partners:

  • Great Lakes Virtual Academy
  • Face to Face Homeschool
  • Manistee ISD
  • CentraWellness

With the relocation of Pre-school programming to the Kennedy Elementary Building, the MAPS administrative offices would be relocated to the Madison building. With minor alterations and needed mechanical updates, Madison will be at full capacity servicing many facets of student support.

  • Minor building renovation to create administrative offices
  • ADA renovation of toilet rooms
  • Replace boiler and relocate A/C from Central Office
  • Roof Replacement


SCOPE OF WORK: Community Green Space & Recreation Hub

Located in a park-like, neighborhood setting, the property of Jefferson Elementary lends itself to the site for a shared community green space and necessary athletic/practice fields.

The green space could allow community organizations to collaboratively imagine a shared space to meet the needs of numerous recreational groups throughout our community.

A plan could include:

  • Practice Football/Soccer Field
  • Pickleball/Tennis Courts
  • Softball Diamond
  • Park/Playground Area
  • Trail Hub
  • Pavilion


Overview of MAPS 2020 Initiative

As valued members of the Manistee Community, we want to ask you to lend your voice to a very important initiative that we at MAPS have been working on over the past several years.

In 2016, we embarked on a project that would allow us to gain greater understanding of the community’s perspective for improving the MAPS district. Through this process we have learned a tremendous amount about desires and concerns of both our internal and external stakeholders and how to create a district supportive of our student’s needs.

The district conducted 120 one-on-one interviews with internal and external stakeholders, which created the foundational work of remodeling our internal culture and communication strategy. We have also enlisted The Christman Company & Tower Pinkster in gaining an understanding of the full scope of our facilities maintenance needs for the coming years.

Incorporating what we have learned to date, we have led discussions with internal staff to formulate a MAPS 2020 vision for our future. Now it’s your turn. We invite you to be a part of our visioning process, asking that you share with us your perspective on the next 20 years of Manistee’s educational foundation.

Strengthening the Manistee community by providing a sustainable educational foundation, MAPS endeavors to deliver a legacy of positivity, respect, and belonging that encourages all students to be productive citizens of our county. Working collaboratively with community partners, together we can build the quality of a life well lived in the Manistee community.

Please be a part of the conversation by joining us at Jefferson Elementary for one of the Community Forum presentations, or contact us at 231-723-3521 to arrange for a presentation to your organization.

Join the Conversation.

Community Forums

Last spring Manistee Area Public Schools held community forums to gain feedback regarding three potential plans for a 20-year vision for the school district facilities. After collecting input from district and community stakeholders, MAPS is ready to reveal the MAPS 2020 Facilities Vision at two public forums scheduled for:

Thursday, September 5th at 7:00pm at the Kennedy Elementary Library
Monday, September 9th at 7:00 pm at the Kennedy Elementary Library

We hope you will join us!

Facilities Survey

Please lend your voice to the MAPS 2020 Vision by participating in our survey.

  • Takes Less Than 5 Minutes
  • Facilities Future Focused
  • Invitation to share your ideas



Create learning environments that provide flexible physical spaces with diverse accommodations to optimize all forms of learning. Whether students are working as expanded communities to discuss and tackle problems, or gathering with peers in small groups to share ideas, collaborative and flexible classroom environments promote learning in a context that is meaningful and supportive.



Establish a solid foundation of best safety practices that can be implemented through:

  • Facility Improvements
  • Local Law Enforcement Support
  • Community Collaborations
  • School Safety Education Programs, Policies, and Activities




When planning for our facilities future, we will take into account how changes in enrollment may impact our district capacity and financial future. Consideration will be given to the capacity of individual buildings, maintenance requirements over the next 20 years, and enrollment projections. Aligning our facilities assessment findings with historic and projected figures, we can better understand the needs of our district as we plan for the future.




Diverse programming allows our youngest Chippewas to learn, grow, play, and work at their individual levels while getting them ready for their K-12 educational journey. Children thrive when we partner with families, schools and our community to provide a strong foundation in early learning and development.



Working in collaboration with regional partners, we will continue to expand opportunities for our students to explore diverse career pathways. Our focus will be on providing resources for training, mentorship, and skill development, while also supporting the workforce needs of our Manistee Community.


Using an assessment of the current physical structures of district, we will evaluate facilities needs over the next 20 years. Comparing operational expenses to enrollment forecasts, we will develop a plan for efficient use and maintenance of our physical assets, ensuring sustainable and supportive learning environments for future Chippewas.


With a desire for full transparency, the MAPS district will make available expanded information for educating our community on the impact of a strong educational foundation built upon responsible economic stewardship. 


Strengthening the Manistee community by providing a strong educational foundation, MAPS endeavors to deliver a legacy of positivity, respect, and belonging that encourages all students to be productive citizens and welcomes all community members to be a part of our MAPS family. Working collaboratively with community partners, together we can build a quality of a life well lived in the Manistee community.


MAPS District Mission & Vision



 “Chips lead by providing an inclusive, high-quality, diverse educational environment

that inspires and fulfills the goals of all learners at every stage of their journey.”


“Leading a connected Manistee learning community, which supports the educational

journey of each individual student, delivering The Chippewa Edge.”

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