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Adventure Learning

The Adventure Learning program starts with the sixth grade Winter Whiteout trip at Center Lake Bible Camp, and then concludes with the seventh and eighth grade trips to Portage Lake Bible Camp. Students participate in activities that are geared toward building life skills such as teamwork, confidence, and self esteem.

“For the seventh graders, we begin building a stronger bonding process, where students learn to work together and build trust. When they return as eighth graders, they use experiences from the previous years to help with the new challenges this program provides. These skills really carry them through high school.” – Monte Klein, Manistee Middle School Teacher

Manistee Middle School Adventure Learning

MMS Adventure Learning is a series of grade level experiences that provides opportunity for student growth outside the regular classroom.  The main focus is the development of key characteristics for future student success in and out of the classroom as well as an appreciation of our area’s natural resources.  While the experiential learning activities are often a physical process, the challenges are primarily emotional and social. Students are given both team and individual activities that build self-esteem, a more internalized locus of control and develop the attributes of Communication, Teamwork, Leadership, Positive Behavioral Norms, Trust, Collaboration, The Value of Diversity, and Problem Solving.   Whatever the activity, experiential methods compress learning time, produce concrete scenarios for people to respond to, are action oriented – and FUN!

MMS AL Funding

All Adventure Learning is funded by student fundraising, student fees, grants, and community donations.  Please contact the MMHS office @ 723-2547 in you are interested in contributing to our program.


Sixth Grade - Winter White Out at Center Lake Bible Camp

This is an overnight trip during January/February.  Students learn survival skills (fire building, orienteering) tree identification, and animal identification in a winter setting.  Other activities include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, and broomball.

Seventh Grade - Adventure Learning at Portage Lake Bible Camp

This is an overnight trip in the fall.  Students are given a series of team and individual challenges.  Low rope initiatives include tasks that would be impossible to accomplish individually.  Students must plan, strategize, revise, communicate and work together to accomplish these tasks. High rope activities include a climbing wall, crate stacking, zip-lining, the “Giant Swing” and an introduction to the Ropes Course.

Eighth Grade - Ropes Course Challenge at Portage Lake Bible Camp

This is a day trip back to PLBC in the spring.  Challenge means going beyond old practices, pushing into new territory and new ways of doing things, dealing with uncertainty and accepting and giving help and support.  Students face their toughest team and individual challenges in the form of the Ropes Course and the “Leap of Faith”.  

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