Facilities History

Explore Manistee Area Publics Schools facilities planning history to gain a clear understanding of where we have come from and how to inform consideration for our future.

Reviewing the Last Major Facility Upgrades to the District


Jefferson Elementary Bond approved and new school built.

Our youngest learners (K-2) are taught at Jefferson Elementary, built in 1954, which no longer serves the needs of our teachers and students. Based upon enrollment and cost projections, modernizing Jefferson comes at a high a cost to benefit ratio, making consolidation a more affordable option.

Madison Elementary Bond approved and new school built.

Madison Elementary was built in 1964, which now serves as a collaborative Community Learning Center meeting the diverse needs of our students. It has now been nearly 60 years since our community voted to approve a bond investing in elementary school facilities.

The Maple Street High School (Now Kennedy) Bond was approved and built

In 1967, a well-constructed new high school was built. Now serving as Kennedy Elementary, grades 3-5 are learning in spaces designed for high school students. Our youngest learners and their teachers have been “making do” with the space available for many years.

The 12th Street High School Bond (Now MMHS) was approved and built

In 1999, our community voted to build our current Manistee Middle + High School facility for 9th-12th grades. This building has been consolidated to now include 6th-12th grades and requires some renovation to meet the needs of our younger students.

Our Current Facilities and Grades They Serve


Jefferson Elementary

Built in 1954 for Grades K-6 (Age 5-11)

Today, Jefferson Elementary serves as the MAPS lower elementary for grades K-2 (Age 5-7)

Madison Community Learning Center

Built in 1964 for Grades K-6 (Age 5-11)

Today, Madison serves our youngest learners in PreK (Age 3-4) and also houses supportive services to the MAPS district.

Kennedy Elementary (Formerly MHS)

Built in 1967 for Grades 9-12 (Age 14-18)

Today, Kennedy Elementary serves as the MAPS upper elementary for grades 3-5 (Age 7-10), this building has presented challenges in that it was originally built/scaled for student who are physically larger and older than the current students attending the school.

Manistee Middle+High School

Built in 2003 for Grades 9-12 (Age 14-18)

Today, MMHS serves as our Junior and Senior High School, grades 6-12 (Age 11-18).


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