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Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad Coaches:
Kevin Postma –
Bridget Warnke –


“Science is about testing ideas, trying to come up with new solutions to perplexing problems. No matter what the outcome, all students are winners because of the knowledge they gained through preparation and participation in Science Olympiad.”

Michigan Science Olympiad Board President Dr. Regina Zibuck

Manistee Science Olympiad News

MMHS Science Olympiad Regional Results

Manistee High School Science Olympiad Teams competed at the Regional Tournament on February 29th at Mid-Michigan Community College in Mt. Pleasant. The team finished in first place by quite a margin! We had thirteen first place finishes, three second place finishes,...

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State Science Olympiad Results

Last night we finished a wonderful Science Olympiad season. This is such a great group of students that have studied and worked so hard. As coaches, we have seen over the years how influential the Science Olympiad experience can be for students as they go deeper into...

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Your Current Team Photos


2018 Science Olympiad Michigan State Competition at Michigan State University in East Lansing – 32nd place out of the top 60 teams in the state

2019 Region 3 Science Olympiad Regional – Team advances to State Tournament at MSU on April 27th

1st Place Medal winners

  • Experimental Design:  Heather Antal, Brynn O’Donnell, and Mia Briske
  • Fossils:  Cassie Pendry and Drew Schlaff
  • Circuit Lab:  Roger and Titus Lind
  • Chemistry Lab:  Liam Quinn and Katie Huber
  • Protein Modeling:  Mason Schaubroeck, Brynn O’Donnell, and Roger Lind
  • Code Busters: Luker Herberger and Liam Quinn
  • Geologic Mapping: Heather Antal and Nicole Weaver
  • Herpetology: Eleanor Scarlata and Kiera Raymond
  • Water Quality: Solana Postma and Eleanor Scarlata
  • Boomilever:  Titus Lind and Luke Herberger

2nd Place Medal winners

  • Anatomy and Physiology:  Maddie Verheek and Eleanor Scarlata
  • Astronomy:  Cassie Pendry and Lynn Jedicke
  • Dynamic Planet:  Grant Schlaff and Drew Schlaff
  • Fermi Questions:  Katie Huber and Liam Quinn
  • Forensics:  Maddie Verheek and Liam Quinn
  • Fossils:  Jack Holtgren and Kiera Raymond
  • Thermodynamics:  Katie Huber and Brynn O’Donnell
  • Sounds Of Music:  Liam Quinn and Kiera Raymond
  • Water Quality:  Spencer Linke and Lynn Jedicke