Manistee Area Public Schools Faculty & Staff

On the Leading EDGE

Our students are engaged by educators that empower and inspire their students to recognize their potential, dream big, and make a difference in the world around them.

With a strong desire to rise to the needs of each and every student, the MAPS Administrative Team ensures the campus and faculty offer a diverse and expansive learning environment incorporating innovation in all facilities and programming with strong fiscal management.

Chips Lead!

Central Office & Administration

Location: 550 Maple St, Manistee, MI 49660 | Map
Telephone: (231) 723-3521
Fax: (231) 723-1507
Central Office Hours: M-F: 8am – 4:30pm

Superintendent: Ronald Stoneman

Board of Education President: Paul Antal, MD

Central Office Staff

Ronald Stoneman
Superintendent -

Howard Vaas
Business Manager -

Sue Gustad
Assistant Business Manager -

Sara Schubert
Payroll/Insurance/Lunch -

Nancy Day
Administrative Assistant -

Amber Kowatch
Curriculum Director -

E – Enrichment– Driving all students toward their full potential

D – Diversity– Providing opportunities meeting the goals of every student

G – Goal-centered– Focusing on individualized ambitions and achievement

E – Endurance– Equipping all learners with physical, emotional and academic skills for success

Our Staff

View MMHS Staff
MMHS Staff
 Name Title / Grade / Content Area Email
Administrative Staff
 Andy Huber HS/MS Principal
 Ken Kott HS/MS Assistant Principal
 Denise Slonecki Administrative Assistant
 Kasandra Johnson Administrative Assistant
 Paul Howes Guidance Counselor
 Penny Kiss Guidance Secretary
 Todd Garber Student Recovery Classroom
 Karen Sundbeck Student Recovery Classroom
 Kelsey Rhodes MCAN College Adviser / Credit Recovery Coordinator
 Matt Kieffer Athletic Director
 Beth Forbes Activities Secretary
 District Technology
 Kenneth Blakey-Shell District Technology Director
 Gabe Delgado Elementary Device
Matt Froncek Apple Certified Technician
David Gagstetter Data & Device
 MMHS School Instructional Staff
 Gregg BennettSocial
 Dan Burns Language Arts
 Troy Bytwork Social Science
 Amanda Clemons English
 Rachel Edmondson Language
 Cindy Erdman Special Education
 Amanda Feyen Choir
 Joe Hendges Social Science
 Marcy Huber Math
 Kristen Johnson Special Education
 Sam Joseph Language Arts
 Monte Klein Art
 Brooke Koller Special Education
 Michelle LaPrad Science
 Andrea Mack Instrumental Music
 Chelsea Matley PE/Health
 Cassie Miller PE/Health
 Troy Nezki Math
 Morgan Nowicki Language Arts
 Cheryl O'Connor Social Studies
 Ryan O'Donnell Science
 Wendy Orton Family & Consumer Science, Special Education
 Matt Phillips Science
 Kevin Postma Science
 Dan Saylor Social
 Polly Schlaff Language Arts
 Devin Schweigert
 Joel Smith Social Studies
 Kathy Smith Math
 Hannah Starmann Language Arts
 Michael Swanson Math
 Eric Thuemmel Math
 Michael Tilmann II PE/Health
 Brian Veine Video/Math
 Bridget Warnke Science
 Amy Watkins Math
 Sara Workman Special Education
Ingrid Bond Band
 Nina Bromley Paraprofessional
Kristen MezeskeOne to One
Cindy SheathelmOne to One
Sarah WallettOne to One
 Jennifer Williams MS Activities Director
 MMHS School Custodial
Dan Lloyd Head / Day Custodian
James Kropacek Evening Custodian
Mark Thrailkill Evening Custodian
Nutrition Service
 Keri CarlsonNutrition Service Director
Stacy ApplegarthNutrition
Melissa GutowskiNutrition
 Kendra MikolajczakNutrition Service
Ray SummersNutrition
 Linda WandrychNutrition Service
Paine Aquatic Center
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Administrative Team

Principal: Kevin Schmutzler |

Assistant Principal: Kenn Kott |

Administrative Assistant: Holly Dahlquist | 

Instructional Staff

Wendy Adamski 
Specials - PE/Health 

Jennifer Abel
3rd Grade Teacher

Leah Antal 
3rd Grade Teacher 

Laura Brown 
4th Grade Teacher 

Dana Dobis 
Resource Room

William Edmondson
5th Grade Teacher

Amanda Feyen
Elementary Music

Tanya Hunter
5th Grade Teacher

Amanda Johns 
4th Grade Teacher 

Taylor Johnson 
5th Grade Teacher 

Andrea Mack 
Specials - Instrumental Music 

Emily Noteware 
Resource Room  

Josh Smith 
4th Grade Teacher 

Scott Solberg

Kayla Szokola 
3rd Grade Teacher

Jaclyn Trahan
5th Grade Teacher

Mary Wahr
Specials - Art

Andrea Wegener 
Resource Room 

Jane Wojciechowski
3rd Grade Teacher 

Kelly Zimmerman  
4th Grade Teacher


Johanna Beverly

Ingrid Bond

Alysha Heck

Karla Lidtke

Tara Lange

Tiffany Nitz

Amy Rankin

Beryl Salzman

Nutrition Services

Carol Hansen

Terri Morski

Julie Polcyn

Custodial Staff

Clarence Schultz

Don Froncek


View Jefferson Staff
Administrative Staff

Julia Raddatz, Principal

Kenneth Kott, Assistant Principal

Connie Miller, Administrative Assistant   camiller@

Instructional Staff


Elizabeth Adams, Kindergarten

McAnn Bradford, Second Grade

Daniel Brown, Second Grade

Linda Coyle, Special Education

Andrea Dejong, Second Grade 

Deb Erdman, First Grade 

Amanda Feyen, Music 

Debbie Forward, First Grade 

Staci Johnson, First Grade

Cindy Lundberg, Kindergarten

Tracy Shimel, SafeNet

Ruth Simoneau, Title I, Literacy Coach

Christine Slawinski, Kindergarten

Bryan Tomaszewski, Second Grade

Allison Veine, Kindergarten

Mary Wahr, Art  

Michelle Wilson, First Grade


Mary Chick               

Sheila Kaminski                         

Rachel Lindeman  

Randee Oleniczak                     

Connie Rybicki        

Laura Savela           

Jan Wills                 

Anna Wojcik           

Julie Zajac                

Custodial Staff

Tom Madsen          

Nutrition Services

Laura Olk                     

View Madison Staff
Little Chips Instructional Staff - 231-398-3758

Sandy Ludwig - Pre-School Teacher & After School Program -

Amber Hiipakka - Pre-School Teacher Assistant

MAPS Great Start Readiness Program Staff - 231-398-3757

Amy Brown, Lead Teacher

Guiding Our Philosophy


“Chips lead by providing an inclusive, high-quality, diverse educational environment that inspires and fulfills the goals of all learners at every stage of their journey.”


“Leading a connected Manistee learning community, which supports the educational journey of each individual student, delivering The Chippewa Edge.”

MAPS Leading-Edge Promise

We provide every student with the knowledge and values necessary to become productive and successful citizens of our world. With innovation, dedication, and integrity, we create a learning environment that inspires every student and educator to reach their highest potential.


– Deliver on our promise to help every student learn
– Support a collaborative learning and working environment
– Bring focused and positive energy to everything we do
– Minimize behaviors/actions/decisions that drain our resources

Guiding Principle: We believe all students can learn.

Non-Negotiable: Achievement – We will find the potential in each student and create an environment that supports their learning.

  • Every child that enters our school district will receive our attention and dedication to finding the keys to their personal success.

Guiding Principle: All decisions we make are based upon impact to effect learning.

Non-NegotiableImpact– We will focus all efforts on seeking ways to support and extend learning.

  • Our focus is always on student learning.
  • We are open-minded, lifelong learners who stay in touch with, share, and use research-based practices.
  • We identify and revise practices that do not help students learn.

Guiding Principle: We focus on goals that drive achievement.

Non-Negotiable: ResultsWe will set measurable goals, identify improvement strategies, and skillfully adapt instruction to meet student needs.

  • Assessment results are used to inform us about the effectiveness of curricular and instructional decisions.
  • We analyze assessment results hold data-driven discussions and make impactful decisions for improved student achievement.
  • We establish attainable goals for specific measurables, in both instructional efforts and individual student progress.

Guiding Principle: We are committed to an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

Non-Negotiable: Accountability– We will lead by example and take responsibility for the energy we bring to all that we do.

  • We reflect the values of our Mission & Vision in our daily practice. When our actions match our words, we build trust and respect with each other, our students, and our support community.
  • We work together to establish an atmosphere of trust and respect, in which we can all feel safe to communicate.
  • Our interactions with students and each other are characterized by the tenets of TRACK.
  • We allow individuals to feel comfortable discussing their observations or concerns with one another because they know they will not be judged or punished.
  • Disagreements are treated with respect and acknowledged as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Each individual is given equal time to express an opinion or share an idea.

Guiding Principle: We believe that all students belong to all of us.

Non-Negotiable: GuidanceWe will hold ourselves responsible for supporting the educational experience of all MAPS students throughout our district.

  • We accept and act on the belief that all students belong to all adults.
  • We are committed to working beyond the boundaries of our classrooms and buildings to serve the needs of every student.
  • We work together for the success of all students, there is no blame when things do not go well, but instead we are committed to seeking solutions to problems or setbacks in the interest of each and every student’s achievement.

Guiding Principle: Working together enables us to attain our desired outcomes.

Non-Negotiable: Collaboration-We will reach beyond our classrooms and work with each other to identify and support the strengths of every student.

  • We work together to positively impact student achievement and deliver the Leading-Edge Promise.
  • We focus on and speak only in solutions.
  • Participation in culture building is both a right and a responsibility.
  • TRACK guides the development of character and a positive school environment and is primary to our success as individuals and our ability to instill these values in our students and each other.
  • Our commitment to communication allows for a productive work environment and therefore student success.
  • We put education first, and we know we can deliver on this when we encourage each other to share our best ideas and work collaboratively.
  • Ideas which lead to increased student learning are recognized and praised by peers.

Staff Resources

Strategic Plan

Letter from Board President and Superintendent

Manistee Area Public Schools 2012-2017 Strategic Plan: Participants Help Shape Vision and Goals for Future of MAPS

The documents below contain the 2012-17 MAPS Strategic Plan. We’re excited about this plan and the possibilities it provides for our students, parents and community to improve education at MAPS.
This plan is the culmination of three community forums, four staff forums, one student forum, one Strategic Planning Team retreat and an electronic survey of more than 109 students, parents, staff and community members.
Throughout the planning process the community expressed high expectations of MAPS becoming a world class school district and having all students graduate from high school. Even though some of the goals are extremely high, they reflect the strong desire that has been expressed to embrace significant change and dramatically improve the school system.
There were several clear and consistent themes that emerged from this process.
  1. While much more work needs to be done, MAPS is headed in the right direction with positive momentum behind the academic growth, instruction reforms and innovative new school choices.
  2. The future of growth and success of MAPS must be a top community priority that requires support from all stakeholders (students, parents, taxpayers, businesses, non-profits, foundations, government agencies, etc.).
  3. As a district, we must do a better job of positively engaging and aligning internal (students, parents, staff and the school board) and external (taxpayers, community organizations, businesses, non-profits, government agencies, elected officials) stakeholders around common goals and strategies to significantly improve academic achievement and high school graduation rates.
Our Strategic Planning Team, comprised of a very broad and diverse group of more than 30 stakeholders, developed the goals. We look forward to continuing to work in partnership with all sectors of our community to implement these goals and suggested strategies.
President of the Board                                                                Superintendent

Manistee Area Public Schools Employment Postings

Manistee Area Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer.

District Policy:  Nondiscrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, gender, age, disability, height, weight or marital status in all activities and employment.



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